Working with Instrument Lists

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Working with Instrument Lists

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NinjaTrader comes predefined with a few instrument lists that are kept up to date on our server. You also can create and manage your own instrument lists via this dialog.


tog_minus        Understanding the Instrument Lists window


1. Instrument Lists

The Lists section displays a list of Instrument Lists that can be configured. Please see "Adding or Removing Instrument Lists" section below for information on how to add and remove instrument lists.


2.  Instruments

The Instruments section displays the selected lists instruments. Please see "Adding or Removing instruments to a list" section below for information on how to add and remove instruments to an instrument list.


tog_minus        Adding or Removing Instrument Lists

Adding an Instrument List

To create a new instrument list:


1.Select "add" in the Lists section of the Instrument Lists window
2.Type in the name of the instrument list you wish to add




Removing an Instrument List

To remove an instrument list:


1. Select the list you wish to remove in the Lists section of the Instrument Lists window.

2. Select remove


Note: A predefined instrument lists cannot be removed.


tog_minus        Adding or Removing instruments to a list

The collection of instruments that are associated to the selected instrument list are displayed in the "Instruments" section.


Adding an Instrument

To add an instrument to an instrument list




1.Start typing on the keyboard or select "add" for the overlay instrument selector to be triggered.



2.Type in the instrument that you want to add or select the magnifying glass to search for an instrument.


The instrument is added to the instrument list and will now be available throughout the NinjaTrader application.


Removing an Instrument

To remove an instrument from an instrument list:


1.Left mouse click on the instrument you wish to remove from the instrument list in the right pane of the Instrument Lists window.
2.Press remove