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A static method used to determine if the an order's OrderState is considered terminal and no longer active.


Note:  This is a static method and is compared against an order state, NOT the order itself.  Please see the example below for correct syntax an usage.



Method Return Value

A bool value which will return true when an OrderState is equal to OrderState.Cancelled, OrderState.Filled, OrderState.Rejected, OrderState.Unknown; otherwise false.



IsTerminalState(OrderState orderState)



The OrderState to compare





private Order entryOrder = null;
protected override void OnBarUpdate()
  // submit order under valid condition
  // note that the order assignment and handling is done in OnOrderUpdate()
  if (entryOrder == null && Close[0] > Open[0])
    EnterLongLimit(Close[0] - 1, "myEntryOrder");
protected override void OnOrderUpdate(Order order, double limitPrice, double stopPrice, int quantity, int filled, double averageFillPrice, OrderState orderState, DateTime time, ErrorCode error, string nativeError)
  // assign incoming order
  if (entryOrder == null)
    // check that order matches by signal name, that order is not in terminal state
    if (order.Name == "myEntryOrder" && !Order.IsTerminalState(order.OrderState))
        entryOrder = order;
  if (entryOrder != null && entryOrder == order)
    // set "entryOrder" to null if it is Cancelled, Filled, Rejected, Unknown
    if (Order.IsTerminalState(entryOrder.OrderState))
        entryOrder = null;