Licensing/User Authentication

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Licensing/User Authentication

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NinjaTrader provides a free vendor license management service for user authentication to qualified 3rd party developers.


The service includes the following features:


One method call within your NinjaScript indicator or strategy's constructor will enable the authentication process

A NinjaScript AddOn dedicated to license management (Manage license, provide free trials)

Licenses are exclusively tied to a combination of user-defined prefix + PC machine ID value, ensuring that licenses cannot be shared

Manage all of your individual products, or group products together for licensing

Licenses expire based on time/date

Create free trial periods


For more information please contact [email protected] or your NinjaTrader Business Development representative. Once approved, you will receive a unique Vendor ID used to manage your user licenses, a Vendor Licensing Help Guide containing information, samples, and resources to guide you through the process of managing licensing.