Loading Historical Data

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Loading Historical Data

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NinjaTrader has 3 levels of data access: From provider, from cache, and from memory.


1.From provider is naturally the slowest, since data has to be transferred over the internet from your connected data provider.

2.From cache is much faster, since we cache the data to the hard drive and load from there on any subsequent request.

3.From memory is the fastest and typically results in "instant" chart loads, which is possible since the data is already in use by NinjaTrader so we don't have to make a trip to the cache or the provider.


The reality is for any chart load, there typically will be data returned from multiple levels of data access. Where NinjaTrader will load as much as possible from the memory or cache and make a request to fill any gap to the provider.

tog_minus        The NinjaTrader memory and speeding up the loading of data

tog_minus        When does NinjaTrader download historical data?

tog_minus        What historical data is loaded from provider?