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Log In

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When starting NinjaTrader you will be presented with a Log In window.





Warning: Your Log In is only for your NinjaTrader account, your entitlements, and Server side ATM Templates. All items within NinjaTrader on your local computer will be available to anyone who logs in: Configured Multi-provider connections, NinjaScripts, Workspaces, etc.


Log In credentials

You will log in with the Username and Password you use on account.ninjatrader.com

If you do not have an account, you can register for an account at account.ninjatrader.com/register

You can also set up a log in using your Google or Apple account. This is only available for a demo.


Log In with Username and Password

Once you have your NinjaTrader credentials, you can enter them under the Username and Password fields, then press Log In


Log In with Google or Apple

If you registered for a demo using your Google or Apple account, you can select to connect with those options.


Forgot Username or Password

To retrieve a forgotten username or password select Need help?.