Managing Instruments

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Managing Instruments

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NinjaTrader installs with a predefined database of commonly traded instruments that is updated by the NinjaTrader data server automatically. There will be rare occasions where you may need to manage the instruments manually in the Instruments window.


Adding an Instrument
1. Press the "new" button which opens the Instrument window

2. Add instrument parameters including the symbol mapping for your connectivity provider(s)

3. Press the "OK" button


Equities can be alternatively added by typing the symbol name into an open chart or Market Analyzer and pressing the "Enter" key on your keyboard. Please see the "How to change a Data Series" section of the Working with Price Data page of the Help Guide for more information.


Note: The Master instrument field can only contain letters, digits, and underscores.


Removing an Instrument
1. Select an instrument in the instrument grid

2. Press "remove"


Editing an Instrument
1. Select an instrument in the instrument grid

2. Double left click the Instrument or select the instrument and press "edit"


For more information on editing instruments please see the Editing Instruments section of the help guide.


Editing or Removing Multiple Instruments at a Time

NinjaTrader supports editing or removing multiple instruments at once. In the Instruments window select multiple instruments by holding CTRL to toggle selection of instruments one at a time or SHIFT to toggle selection of all instruments between the first selected instrument and the next selected instrument.


When editing multiple instruments any property that is not the same between all selected instrument will display as blank, allowing you to override the setting for all selected instruments or leave if you do not want to change that specific property. If a property is the same between all selected instruments the selected property will show its common property setting.


Note: Although most database operations are instant, please be prepared for longer database saving times when editing larger selections of instruments.


Resetting Instrument Defaults

If you ever needed to restore the Instruments to default settings you can do so via the NinjaTrader Control Center Tools menu and accessing Database. In the Database window use the Update instruments function. For more information on the Database window please see the Database section of the help guide.