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News Window

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News sent from the connectivity provider is displayed in the News window. Alerts and filters can be configured based on keywords in the news headline.


tog_minus        Understanding the News Window

News Window Display

The News window give you the ability to:


1.Filter news based on individual instruments or instrument list
2.Setup user defined Keyword filters
3.View a list of real-time news headlines




Reading Pane


And optional Reading Pane can be enabled below the list of real-time news headlines by right clicking on the News window and selecting Show Reading Pane.




Headline Window


Double clicking on a headline will open the Headline Window which will display the content of the news article.




Note: For the News window to populate information, you must be connected to a data provider that supports real-time news. See the Data by Provider section for information on what providers support news.

tog_minus        How to create a filter condition

Creating a Filter Condition


The News window gives you the ability to filter News Articles based off of user-defined Keywords


To enable this type of conditional filtering:


1.Select the Filter Icon Filter_Icon from the News window
2.From the Filter window, insert the Keywords you wish to filter (multiple keywords can be separated by commas)
3.Optionally uncheck any Sources you may wish to exclude from your results
4.Press OK




Filtering on specified instrument(s)


You can also define news filters based on a specific instrument, or even a list of predefined instruments.


To enable this type of filtering, simply select the desired Instrument or Instrument List from the Instrument Selector of the News Window



tog_minus        How to create an alert on news article

An alert will visually and audibly notify you when a new article is received.


Enabling News Alert


To turn on/off the Alerts feature:


Right click on the News window and check or uncheck Alert on New Article


You can customize the sound file, priority, and colors of the Alerts which are generated from the News Properties


Alerts will be sent to the Alerts Log window