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An event driven method used for strategies which will allow you to customize the output of TraceOrders.  


Warning:  Overriding this method with disable the default order tracing that is generated by the NinjaTrader core.  It is then up to you to pass the message generated to the NinjaTrader output window using the Print() method.  Generally, overriding this method is not required.



Method Return Value

This method does not return a value.


You must override the method in your strategy with the following syntax:

protected override void OnOrderTrace(DateTime timestamp, string message)


Method Parameters


The time that the order trace was generated


The message that is generated





protected override void OnOrderTrace(DateTime timestamp, string message)
  // The below print would give us the default tracing
  Print(string.Format("{0} {1}", timestamp, message));
  // The extended example would also include the instrument fullname from our primary bars object
  if (BarsArray[0] != null)
      Print(string.Format("{0} {1} {2}", timestamp, message, BarsArray[0].Instrument.FullName));

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