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Holds an array of color series objects holding historical bar colors. A color series object is added to this array when calling the AddPlot() method in a custom Indicator for plots. Its purpose is to provide access to the color property of all bars.


Property Value

An array of color series objects.


PlotBrushes[int PlotIndex][int barsAgo]




protected override void OnStateChange()
  if(State == State.SetDefaults)
    Name = "Example Indicator";  
        // Add two plots
      AddPlot(Brushes.Blue, "Upper");
      AddPlot(Brushes.Orange, "Lower");
protected override void OnBarUpdate()
    // Sets values to our two plots
    Upper[0] = SMA(High, 20)[0];
    Lower[0] = SMA(Low, 20)[0];
    // Color the Upper plot based on plot value conditions
    if (IsRising(Upper))
        PlotBrushes[0][0] = Brushes.Blue;
    else if (IsFalling(Upper))
        PlotBrushes[0][0] = Brushes.Red;
        PlotBrushes[0][0] = Brushes.Yellow;
    // Color the Lower plot based on plot value conditions
    if (IsRising(Lower))
        PlotBrushes[1][0] = Brushes.Blue;
    else if (IsFalling(Lower))
        PlotBrushes[1][0] = Brushes.Red;
        PlotBrushes[1][0] = Brushes.Yellow;
public Series<double> Upper
  get { return Values[0]; }
public Series<double> Lower
  get { return Values[1]; }