Profit and Loss Calculation Modes

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Profit and Loss Calculation Modes

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Trade Performance statistics are based on core PnL calculations, which differ for each selected Display Units (currency, percent, points, pips or ticks) calculation mode. Below is a list of the formulas used for each calculation mode.


Calculation Modes


Rate of Exit * Profit in Points * Lot Size of Exit * Point Value of Exit


(Profit in Points * Lot Size of Entry) / (Quantity * Higher of .01 or Absolute Value of Entry Price)


(1 for Long position, or -1 for short position) * Quantity * (Exit Price - Entry Price - Entry Commission - Exit Commission) / (Exit Rate * Point Value) / Lot Size


Forex Instruments: Profit in Ticks * Tick Size

Other Instruments: Profit in Ticks


Profit in Points / Tick Size



Since execution quantity is factored into the PnL calculation in Points, and since other calculations rely on Profit in Points, each calculation mode takes execution quantity into account by extension.

It is possible to have trades which are technically profitable in percent, but are not profitable based on their point value (or vice versa)


Terms used


The last Entry execution


The last Exit execution


The currency conversation rate used back to the account demonstration (E.g.,  A rate of 1 means no conversion took place)

Lot Size

Default Forex Lot Size for the account.  1 for non-forex accounts.

Point Value

Instrument value per point define in the Instruments window