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Set Up

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You can Playback either Market Replay data or historical tick data. For the most accurate reflection of live market conditions you would want to use Market Replay data.



1.Market Replay data holds the exact sequence level I and Level II (market depth) data and must be recorded or downloaded by NinjaTrader.  

2.Alternatively, historical tick data can be used to playback chart data (without market depth). The granularity and accuracy of historical mode will be dependent on your data provider.

3.The Playback101 account properties (e.g., Commissions, Risk, etc.) are created from the Sim101 account when connecting to the Playback Connection and cannot be reset while connected. The Playback101 account will reset with current Sim101 account properties when reconnecting.

4.TimeInForce logic such as order expiration / cancellation at the end of a session, is not supported for the Sim101 or Playback101 accounts.

5.It is recommended to close and save your live workspaces then use dedicated workspaces for Playback before connecting to Playback to ensure items, such as drawing objects, are not affected in your live workspaces.




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