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Share Service

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Custom Share Services can be developed in order to enable users to share content from the NinjaTrader application to various websites and social media networks via the Sharing Services dialog. NinjaTrader comes pre-configured with Share Services for an Email adapter and Test message via email adapter, however a custom adapter can be developed for any website, forum, or social media network by following their public API documentation and guidelines.  


In this section


Determines the maximum number of characters the social network allows.


Sets the number of characters allowed when attaching an image to ensure that character count is properly calculated.


The shape which displays within the Share window when sharing content.


If this property is set to true, a Connect button will appear in the dialogue for configuring the adapter that will call OnAuthorizeAccount() when the user clicks it.


Sets when the Share Service is correctly configured.


Sets the default Share Service used when the type of sharing service is selected (email for example).


Determines if the Share Service will allow for images as attachments.


If the UseOAuth property is set to true, this method will be called when the user clicks the Connect button in the Share Services dialogue under Tools -> Options.


This method is called when the user clicks OK on the Share window in NinjaTrader. This method can also be called by Alerts and general NinjaScript objects.


Sets the text appended to the end of the user's message.