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SimulationAccountReset can be used for subscribing to simulation account reset events. These resets occur whenever the user manually resets an account as well as when the user rewinds/fast forwards the Playback connection. When the reset occurs due to changes to the Playback connection it is important to recreate bar requests.


Note: Remember to unsubscribe if you are no longer using the subscription.








/* Example of subscribing/unsubscribing to sim account reset events from an Add On. The concept can be carried over

to any NinjaScript object you may be working on. */

public class MyAddOnTab : NTTabPage


    public MyAddOnTab()


         // Subscribe to sim account resets

         Account.SimulationAccountReset += OnSimulationAccountReset;



    /* This method is fired on sim account reset events. It is important to recreate bar requests

    after a reset on the Playback connection */

    private void OnSimulationAccountReset(object sender, EventArgs e)


         Account simAccount = (sender as Account);


         // If the account was reset due to a rewind/fast forward of the Playback connection

        if (simAccount != null && simAccount.Provider == Provider.Playback)


              // Redo our bars requests here




    // Called by TabControl when tab is being removed or window is closed

    public override void Cleanup()


         // Make sure to unsubscribe to the simulation account reset subscription

       Account.SimulationAccountReset -= OnSimulationAccountReset;



    // Other required NTTabPage members left out for demonstration purposes. Be sure to add them in your own code.