Working with Data Grids

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Working with Data Grids

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All data grids found throughout NinjaTrader are customizable.


Data Grids

With a data grid you can:


Resize columns

Enable and Disable columns

Export data to Excel

Save data as a CSV file

Email the data as an image

Print data

Search data



Right Click Menu

Right mouse clicking within any data grid will bring up a menu with several grid actions. You may want to export your execution history to Excel for further analysis as an example. Simply go to any grid displaying execution history, right mouse click and select the Export... menu item. Here you can choose the file type and file name to export, select either "CSV" or "Excel".




Moving Columns

To adjust the order of columns within a data gird, left mouse click and hold on the column header and drag it to the location you wish to place the selected column. Two blue arrows will appear above and below the location in the grid you will  be moving the column to (see image below). Release the mouse button to place the column in the new location.




Enabling and Disabling Columns

Selecting the Properties menu item of the right mouse click of the window will give you thew windows properties. In the properties window under the "Column" category you can choose which columns you wish to show (make visible). Any column name with a check-mark next to it will be visible and un-checking a column name will take the column out of the data grid.