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    Individual Strategy Builder Support


    I have gone through the online resources available for the strategy builder application on NT8 but some of the information I am looking for is not on there. Is there any way to receive individual support when using strategy builder?

    Welcome to the forums Bmatarese!

    If you have any specific questions on using the Strategy Builder, please describe what you are trying to accomplish and provide screenshots of what you have attempted. Please reduce the case so it it only highlights what you are trying to do specifically. We can provide further direction with what would be possible using small examples, but would not necessarily be able to explain what your logic is doing if the case is too complex. We suggest testing logic using small examples before implementing in a larger strategy.

    Attaching a Screenshot

    To send a screenshot with Windows 7 or newer I would recommend using Window's Snipping Tool.

    Click here for instructions

    Alternatively to send a screenshot press Alt + PRINT SCREEN to take a screenshot of the selected window. Then go to Start--> Accessories--> Paint, and press CTRL + V to paste the image.

    Lastly, save as a jpeg file and send the file as an attachment.

    I look forward to assisting.
    JimNinjaTrader Customer Service


      Hey Jim,

      I am looking to exit long positions when price is equal to the value of the upper bollinger band. This is what I have in my strategy builder but obviously I am having trouble with it. I really appreciate the help, thank you.


        Hello Bmatarese,

        Thanks for your reply.

        I would suggest creating a separate strategy to test the condition by itself. Debugging prints can also be added to print out the values used in your condition so you can see how it is evaluated.

        Please also see our Conditions examples in the Help Guide for further direction on how different kinds of conditions can be built. The attached screenshot shows how you can check if the current market price equals the the Bollinger band's upper plot value.

        Conditions examples -

        Below is some information on how you can add debugging prints to see how your conditions are evaluating. This is helpful in determining why some conditions are not becoming true and why some actions are taking place if you did not expect them to take place.

        Some items to check when you are taking debugging steps:
        1. Are your conditions allowing your order submission methods to be reached?
        2. Is the strategy currently in a position that is preventing it from submitting another entry order?
        3. Do you see any errors in the log tab of the Control Center or does Trace Orders give you any feedback?
        I've included some resources for debugging below. The Playback Connection can be used to replay data as if it were realtime.

        Debugging Tips -
        TraceOrders -
        Debugging in the Strategy Builder -
        Playback Connection -
        Debugging Demo -

        I look forward to being of further assistance.
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        JimNinjaTrader Customer Service


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