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Adding and Removing Targets

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If you have an active ATM strategy displayed in the SuperDOM, you can add or remove targets. For example, you may have a 2 contract position with 1 Stop Loss and Profit Target for 2 contracts each. You may decide to split this target (add target) so you can exit the final contract at a higher price.





How to Add or Remove Targets

It is important to understand the following logic:

You can have a maximum of 3 targets (if you had 3 and the first two targets are filled you can not split the 3rd target)
If you have 1 target and you remove a target, you will be left with a stop loss order only
New targets are added 4 ticks from your current outside target for futures, $0.20 for stocks


Two Methods for Adding and Removing Targets

There are two locations within the SuperDOM where you can add or remove a target.

1.Pressing down on the Left mouse button on the "+ TARGET" (to add) or "- TARGET" (to remove) buttons when "Show Quick Buttons" is set to True in the SuperDOM properties dialog window


2. Right mouse click context menu.






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