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Similar to the Add() method for adding Bars objects to an indicator or strategy, this method adds a Renko Bars object for multi-series NinjaScript. When running NinjaScript, you will be able to choose the primary instrument and bar interval to run on. This primary Bars object will carry a BarsInProgress index of 0. In a multi-time frame and multi-instrument NinjaScript, supplementary Bars objects are added via this method in the Initialize() method and given an incremented BarsInProgress index value. See additional information on running multi-bars scripts.



AddRenko(string instrumentName, int brickSize, MarketDataType marketDataType)


NOTE: You can optionally add the exchange name as a suffix to the symbol name. This is only advised if the instrument has multiple possible exchanges that it can trade on and it is configured within the Instrument Manager. For example: AddRenko("MSFT Arca", 2, MarketDataType.Last).





An instrument name such as "MSFT"


The size (in ticks) of each bar


Possible values are:





* Please see the article here on using Bid/Ask series.




protected override void Initialize()

    // Add a 1 minute Renko Bars object for the ES 06-10 contract - BarsInProgress index = 1
    AddRenko("ES 06-10", 2, MarketDataType.Last);
protected override void OnBarUpdate()
    // Ignore the primary Bars object and only process the Point-and-Figure Bars object
    if (BarsInProgress == 1)

         // Do something;