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Historical data can be downloaded from the data provider via the Download tab.


How to Download Historical Data

To download historical data:


1.Make sure NinjaTrader is connected and historical data is available from your data provider
2.Left mouse click the plus "+" button to select the instrument from the available instrument lists
3.Select the desired Start and End date range of the data to be downloaded
4.Select the desired Intervals and Data Types of the data to be downloaded
5.Press the Download button to begin the download




A message in the right section of the Download tab will appear saying, "Download in progress... Please see the Control Center Status Bar for progress update." The download progress will be shown in the lower right hand corner of the Control Center.


NOTE: If you already have historical data for an instrument, please be sure to only select a date range in which your data provider offers historical data. If you choose a range older than what your data provider offers you may lose any data you had stored on those dates in that range outside of what your data provider offers.


Reloading Historical Data

Historical data can be reloaded into NinjaTrader from the data provider's server by pressing the Reload All button under the Reload tab of the Historical Data Manager. Historical data is only reloaded for currently active instruments (instruments receiving data in a NinjaTrader window such as a chart, Market Analyzer, SuperDOM, etc.) while connected to a data provider that supports historical data.