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Global Cross Hair

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The Global Cross Hair allows you to link cross hairs from multiple chart windows. This means that as you move the cross hair in one chart, all other cross hairs will move together by automatically staying on the same time and price.


tog_minusHow to enable the Global Cross Hair



Enabling the Global Cross Hair

There are multiple ways to enable the Global Cross Hair within a chart window:


1.Left mouse click on the Cursor icon in the chart toolbar and select the Global Cross Hair menu item.
2.Right mouse click within the chart and select the Cursor menu, then select the Global Cross Hair menu item.
3.Use the default CTRL +G Hot Key


The cursor icon within the chart toolbar will change to the globe icon letting you know that Global Cross Hair is enabled in the chart.



tog_minusHow to use the Global Cross Hair

Using the Global Cross Hair

The Global Cross Hair must be enabled on more than one chart in order to view its functionality.


The images below show two ES charts, a 1 Min and 5 Min, both with Global Cross Hair enabled. Notice the cross hair values in each chart are the same. The active cursor is shown by diagonal dash marks around the cursor intersection as shown in the image below left. When the cursor is moved, all cursors in charts with Global Cross Hair enabled will move as well to stay on the same time and price.





Global Cross Hair Tips


If the the active Global Cross Hair moves outside the viewable horizontal range of any other chart with Global Cross Hair enabled, the horizontal axis in the inactive charts will automatically scroll to keep aligned with the active cursor. This can be enabled/disabled in the Chart Properties window by setting the property "Global cross hair time axis scrolling" to True or False.


Global Cross Hair may not be as useful when it is enabled in charts with large time frame differences like a 1 Min and 60 Min chart. For each bar that is scrolled in the 60 Min chart, the 1 Min chart cursor will scroll 60 bars making it hard to follow.