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Order Handling Options

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There are several Order Handling options available for the signals sent from TradeStation.  All Order Handling options are available by selecting the Tools menu in the Control Center, selecting the menu name Options, and then selecting the ATI tab.  Please review all of the following Order Handling options to ensure your orders are managed as expected.



tog_minusUnderstanding submit market order on TradeStation fill

Submit market order on TS fill

Submits a market order when NinjaTrader receives a "strategy filled order" notification email from TradeStation. This is the recommended option.

tog_minusUnderstanding submit "as-is"

Submit "as-is"

Submits orders as specified (limit, market, stop, stop limit) when NinjaTrader receives a "strategy active order" notification email from TradeStation. Upon receiving the subsequent "strategy filled order" notification email from TradeStation, NinjaTrader will convert any unfilled shares/contracts to either market order or marketable limit order (substantially higher than inside market if buying or below market if selling) depending on the instrument type after a user defined number of seconds.


NOTE: If trading currencies (Forex) it is advised to start a market data stream (any order entry window) for the market you are trading. Since limit buy orders above the offer or limit sell below the bid are invalid orders that are rejected from your broker, NinjaTrader will check the TradeStation requested limit price against the current market price and if it would result in a rejected order, it will convert to a market order.

tog_minusUnderstanding submit and forget

Submit and forget

Submits orders as specified (limit, market stop, stop limit) when NinjaTrader receives a "strategy active order" notification. There is a high probability that your TradeStation strategy position size will be out of synchronization with your live brokerage account using this option. It requires manual user interaction and is NOT recommended.

tog_minusUnderstanding synchronization time out

Synchronization Time Out

Excluding the "Submit and forget" option, NinjaTrader will notify you after the specified number of seconds if an order is out of sync with TradeStation's reported order fill amount. An example would be if TradeStation reported a market order fill of 1 contract, NinjaTrader submits a market order but the order is not filled for some reason after the specified amount of time, you will be notified.

tog_minusHow to enable order confirmation

Order Confirmation

You can choose to have NinjaTrader prompt you for approval before submitting your order to your brokerage account. To enable this feature start in the NinjaTrader Control Center and select the Tools menu, then select the menu name Options, once in the Options window check "Confirm order placement" under the General tab.

tog_minusUnderstanding special handling for FX through GAIN Capital/FOREX.com

Special Handling for FX through GAIN Capital/FOREX.com

GAIN will reject a limit order to buy at the offer or above or to sell at the bid or below. NinjaTrader can check the current market rate on limit order submission and automatically convert to market if the limit price is invalid according to GAIN but in your favor resulting in a fill. To have NinjaTrader check for these conditions, you must be subscribed to rate data for the currency pair being traded. We suggest opening a Market Analyzer (to open a Market Analyzer window select the File menu and then the menu name New) and adding all traded currency pairs to this grid. This ensures that there is available rate data for NinjaTrader to cross check an incoming limit price against.