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Stop Order Handling

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There are several Stop Order Handling options available for the signals sent from TradeStation.  All Stop Order Handling options are available by selecting the Tools menu in the Control Center, selecting the menu name Options, and then selecting the ATI tab.  Please review all of the following Stop Order Handling options to ensure your stop orders are managed as expected.


If you have "Submit market order on TS fill" enabled via Order Handling Options, the following Stop Order Handling is ignored.



tog_minusHow to submit stop orders "as-is"

Submit "as-is"

Submits the stop order as specified.

tog_minusHow to convert to stop limit orders

Convert to stop limit

Will convert a stop order to a stop limit order. The limit price is calculated based on the user defined "Limit price offset as ticks" value.

tog_minusHow to convert to simulated stop market

Convert to Simulated Stop Market

Submits a simulated stop market order which is a local PC held order that submits a market order once the stop price is hit.

tog_minusHow to submit market order if stop order was rejected

Submit market order if stop order was rejected

Submits a market order in the event that a stop order is rejected for any reason.


Behavior as follows:

1.Stop order worse than current last traded price --> Market order submitted (desired outcome)
2.Stop order rejected due to insufficient funds --> Market order submitted and also rejected (not desired but no risk)
3.Stop order rejected due to price outside of range --> Market order submitted and likely filled (risky)
4.Stop order rejected due to limit price worse than stop price --> Market order submitted and likely filled (risky)


DISCLAIMER: If this option is enabled, it is your responsibility to ensure that your TS EL code is sending valid stop prices to NinjaTrader otherwise you risk getting filled when you may not want to.