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Running FX Strategies

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It is important to understand how order quantities behave when running a real-time FX strategy in a live brokerage account. This is relevant for:


Currency and point based performance calculations
Actual order size being submitted to your live brokerage account



Running FX NinjaScript Strategies in the Strategy Analyzer, Simulated Data Feed Connection or Market Replay

Running an FX strategy in the Strategy Analyzer for a historical backtest, in real-time connected to either the Simulated Data Feed or Market Replay order quantities will always represent the total units of the base currency being traded. A lot size of one equals a base currency unit of one and DOES NOT equal a typical "standard" lot size of 100,000. Therefore, if you want to trade a standard lot you would use an order quantity of 100,000.



Running FX NinjaScript Strategies on a Live Brokerage Connection

Running an FX strategy on a live brokerage connection either in a live funded account or a simulation (Sim101) account order quantities will reflect the lot size convention that your brokerage trades in. For example, if your brokerage has a lot size of 1 that equals 100,000 units of the base currency (a "standard" lot) then use a value of 1 to trade 100,000 base units.




Based on the above information, if you are backtesting in the Strategy Analyzer using order quantities of 100,000 and you now wish to trade live in your brokerage account where 1 lot is equal to 100,000 MAKE SURE that you adjust your strategy's order quantity from 100,000 to 1 to ensure you are trading the correct quantity.