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Set Up

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Installation procedure for installing the TradeStation EasyLanguage NinjaTrader functions

1. NinjaTrader must be installed

2. Start TradeStation

3. Select the TradeStation main menu File and then select the menu name Import/Export EasyLanguage

4. Select "Import EasyLanguage file (ELD, ELS or ELA)"

5. Click "Next"

6. Select the file "<NinjaTrader Installation Folder>\bin\AutoTrade\NINJATRADER.ELD"

7. Click "Next"

8. Click "Next"

9. Click "Finish" and confirm any upcoming query box by clicking "OK"

10. When you actually start creating EL scripts that communicate with NinjaTrader, ensure that Automated Trading is enabled from within NinjaTrader, to do so press down on your left mouse button on the menu File and select the menu name AT Interface.


*A collection of NinjaTrader functions and a sample strategy named "NTSample" are imported and ready to be used.