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Tips for the DLL based integration

1. You can set a default account by pressing down on your left mouse button on the menu Tools and selecting the menu name Options. You will then select the ATI tab in the Options window, and select your preferred default account from the Default Account control list.  Once you have a default account setup you can optionally leave the account parameters empty in any of the TradeStation NinjaTrader functions and NinjaTrader will use the default account set here.

2. To ensure you do not place duplicate orders in the event that a TradeStation chart reloads you can check for the condition "LastBarOnChart"

3. You can check NTMarketPosition for a flat position before placing an order

4. You can create an order ID using the current bar time stamp + instrument name. Before placing an order, call NTOrderStatus and see if you get a valid return value. If yes, then the signal has already been processed.