Within the Session Manager, Session Templates holding session definitions for each day of the week can be created and edited based on any time zone.


tog_minusUnderstanding Session Templates

Session Templates

A Session Template is a collection of session definitions that can be used anywhere NinjaTrader utilizes data. (See the "Where Session Templates can be Applied" sub-section below). When a template is applied, any data outside of the times in the session definitions will be ignored. NinjaTrader comes pre-loaded with the most common Session Templates; however, custom Session Templates can also be created to suit your needs.


Where Session Templates can be Applied

Session Templates can be applied in the following NinjaTrader dialogue windows under the property "Session template":


Chart panel via the Data Series window
Market Analyzer via the Market Analyzer Properties window
Strategy Analyzer window when configuring backtesting
Strategies tab of the Control Center when starting a strategy
tog_minusHow to create and edit a Session Template



Creating a Session Template

If your desired session settings are not found within the pre-loaded Session Templates, you can create a new template which will be added to the Session template drop down menu.


To create a Session Template:


1.Left mouse click on the New... button. Enter a name for the Session Template and press the OK button.


2.Left mouse click on the Add... button. The Session Definition window appears.


3.Select the Start day, Start time, End day and End time for the instrument session and press the OK button to add it to the Session Template. Repeat for as many sessions as required.*


4.Left mouse click on the time zone drop down menu and select the time zone that represents the time inputted in the session definitions.


5.Press the Save button to save the configured session times in the Session Template.




*For convenience, you can right mouse click on the first session added and select the menu item Add Monday through Friday to have NinjaTrader automatically add sessions for Monday through Friday with session definitions based on the selected row.

tog_minusWorking with Session Templates

A saved Session Template can be selected via the Session template drop down menu at the top of the Session Manager. The template as well as individual session definitions can then be configured.


Editing Session Templates

Session Templates can be edited in the following ways:


Left mouse click the Copy button and insert a new template name to copy the current Session Template.
Left mouse click the upper most Delete button to delete the selected Session Template.


Editing Session Definitions

Individual session definitions can be edited in the following ways:


Left mouse click on a session definition and press the Edit button to edit the session Start day, Start time, End day and End time.
Left mouse click on the lower most Delete button to delete the selected session definition.