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Compares two double or float values for equality or being greater than / less than the compared to value.


Note: Comparing for being greater than / less is done using an epsilon value of 1E19


Method Return Value

An int value representing the outcome of the comparison. Returns 0 if values are equal, 1 if value1 is greater than value2. -1 if value1 is less than value2.



this.ApproxCompare(this double double1, double double2)
this.ApproxCompare(this float float1, double float2)


double1 / float1

First value to compare against (not actually passed in)

double2 / float2

Second passed in value to compare against


Tip:  Main use would be using it for equality comparisons to circumvent running into floating point considerations, value compares for < or > could be usually done more straightforward directly.





// Build the High / Low difference and if 0 sets the indicator main Value series to 0
if ((High[0] - Low[0]).ApproxCompare(0) == 0)
  Value[0] = 0;