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The following section documents methods and properties available to every NinjaScript type that access various forms of data including bar data, price data, and statistical forms of data. The Common section is broken into several categories pertaining to distinct NinjaScript objects or concepts. An index of topics under the Common section can be found below:



Documents both .NET native and NinjaScript custom attributes which are commonly used to define the behavior of a NinjaScript property or object

Alert, Debug, Share

Documents methods for triggering alerts, printing debug messages, and using Share Services


Documents methods and properties useful for analyzing and identifying specific conditions within Series<T> collections


Represents the data returned from the historical data repository


Covers information related to accessing chart related data


Documents the drawing of custom shapes, lines, text and colors on your price and indicator panels from both Indicators and Strategies


Represents an instance of a Master Instrument


Documents the interface that is implemented by all NinjaScript classes that manage historical data as an ISeries<double> used for indicator input, and other object data


An event driven method which is called whenever a bar is updated


An event driven method which is called for every change in fundamental data


An event driven method which is called and guaranteed to be in the correct sequence for every change in level two market data


An event driven method which is called whenever the script enters a new State


An interface which allows you to traverse through various trading hours data elements which apply to a segment of bars

System Indicator Methods

Documents syntax and return values for system indicator methods


Represents the Trading Hours information returned from the current bars series


Determines the listed name of the NinjaScript object


Determines if the current NinjaScript object should be visible on the chart


Determines the text display on the chart panel


Text which is used on the UI's information box to be display to a user when configuration a NinjaScript object


Used to override the default NinjaScript Clone() method which is called any time an instance of a NinjaScript object is created


Provides a way to use your own custom events (such as a Timer object) so that internal NinjaScript indexes and pointers are correctly set prior to processing user code triggered by your custom event