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An event driven method which is called for every change in fundamental data for the underlying instrument.


Note:  This method is NOT called on historical data (backtest)



Method Return Value

This method does not return a value.


You must override the method in your strategy or indicator with the following syntax.


protected override void OnFundamentalData(FundamentalDataEventArgs fundamentalDataUpdate)


Tip:  The NinjaScript code wizards can automatically generate the method syntax for you when creating a new script.






FundamentalDataEventArgs representing the recent change in fundamental data





protected override void OnFundamentalData(FundamentalDataEventArgs fundamentalDataUpdate)
    // Print some data to the Output window
    if (fundamentalDataUpdate.FundamentalDataType == FundamentalDataType.AverageDailyVolume)
        Print("The current ADV is " + fundamentalDataUpdate.LongValue);




1.With multi-time frame and instrument strategies, OnFundamentalData() will be called for all unique instruments in your strategy. Use the BarsInProgress to filter the OnFundamentalData() method for a specific instrument.

2.Do not leave an unused OnFundamentalData() method declared in your NinjaScript object. This will unnecessarily attach a data stream to your script which uses unnecessary CPU cycles.