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Used to override the default NinjaScript Clone() method which is called any time an instance of a NinjaScript object is created.  By default,  the NinjaScript Clone() method will copy all the Property Info and Browsable Attributes to the new instance when the object is created (e.g., when an optimization is ran a new instance of the strategy will be created for each iteration).  However it is possible to override this behavior if desired for custom development.  There is no requirement to override the Clone behavior and this method will use the default constructor if not overridden.  


Note:  This method is reserved for advanced developers who would like to change the default behavior when a NinjaScript object is created



Method Return Value

A virtual object representing the NinjaScript type.



public override object Clone()



This method does not take any parameters





public override object Clone()
  // custom logic to handle before the base clone
  return base.Clone();
  // custom logic to hand after the base clone