Attaching Orders To Indicators

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Attaching Orders To Indicators

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Indicator Tracking

Adding indicators to the SuperDOM or Chart Trader gives you the ability to "attach" a working order to the Indicator price level, which will automatically modify the price of the order as your indicator values change.  The frequency of the modifications will depend on the Calculate settings of the indicator.

After you have configured an indicator to be displayed on the SuperDOM or Chart Trader, right clicking on a working order will now have a right click menu option called "Attach to Indicator".  This feature will be available for both manually placed Entry/Exit orders as well as pre-configured ATM Strategy Stop Loss and Profit Target orders.




Note: ATM Strategies will only work with Attach to Indicator for stop orders which do not have a Stop Strategy configured.  Enabling Attach to Indicator on an ATM Strategy which has an associated Stop Strategy will disable the Stop Strategy and will then be managed by the indicator instead.



tog_minus        Attaching an order to an indicator

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