Order Entry

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Order Entry

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Order Entry Overview

Various Order Entry windows can be opened by left mouse clicking on the New menu within the NinjaTrader Control Center and selecting the name of order entry window.


NinjaTrader provides six graphical interfaces for order, position, and ATM Strategy management.  These interfaces provide complete functionality for the management of orders, positions and discretionary exit and stop strategies in a highly visual and efficient manner. The majority of your time using NinjaTrader will be spent in one of these six interfaces if you are primarily a discretionary trader.

Order Entry Windows


Basic Entry

Chart Trader

FX Pro

FX Board

Order Ticket




Trade Controls

Simulated Stop Orders

Order State Definitions

FIFO Optimization



Although the Basic Entry, Chart Trader, Order Ticket, and SuperDOM interfaces may be used to trade any of the NinjaTrader supported asset classes, the Basic Entry window is geared towards trading equities, the SuperDOM is geared towards trading futures, and the FX Pro and FX Board windows are used for FOREX and CFD instruments only.

To be able to fully utilize all order entry windows it is required to use a mouse with left, right, and middle buttons.