Dynamic Momentum Index (DMIndex)

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Dynamic Momentum Index (DMIndex)

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An indicator used in technical analysis that determines overbought and oversold conditions of a particular asset. This indicator is very similar to the relative strength index (RSI). The main difference between the two is that the RSI uses a fixed number of time periods (usually 14), while the dynamic momentum index uses different time periods as volatility changes.


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DMIndex(int smooth)
DMIndex(ISeries<double> input, int smooth)


Returns default value
DMIndex(int period)[int barsAgo]
DMIndex(ISeries<double> input, int smooth)[int barsAgo]



Return Value

double; Accessing this method via an index value [int barsAgo] returns the indicator value of the referenced bar.





Indicator source data (?)


The number of bars to include in the calculation





// Prints the current value of DMIndex using default price type
double value = DMIndex(3)[0];
Print("The current DMIndex value is " + value.ToString());



Source Code

You can view this indicator method source code by selecting the menu New > NinjaScript Editor > Indicators within the NinjaTrader Control Center window.