Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

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Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

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The NinjaScript Editor includes a range of keyboard shortcuts not available in other areas of the platform. Below is a list of available shortcuts and the actions they perform:


Ctrl + C, Ctrl + Insert

Copy to Clipboard

Ctrl + X, Shift + Delete

Cut to Clipboard

Ctrl + L

Cut line to Clipboard

Ctrl + V, Shift + Insert

Paste from Clipboard

Ctrl + Y, Ctrl + Shift + Z

Redo action

Ctrl + Z

Undo action

Ctrl + Backspace

Backspace to previous word

Ctrl + Shift + L

Delete line

Ctrl + Delete

Delete to next word

Ctrl + Enter

Open line above

Ctrl + Shift + Enter

Open line below

Ctrl + Space

Intelliprompt auto-complete

Ctrl + Shift + Space

Intelliprompt show parameters

Ctrl + T

Transpose characters

Ctrl + Shift + T

Transpose words

Shift + Alt + T

Transpose lines

Ctrl + Shift + U

Make uppercase

Shift + Tab

Remove tab indent

Alt + Up

Move selected lines up

Alt + Down

Move selected lines down

Ctrl + Left

Move to previous word

Ctrl + Right

Move to next word

Ctrl + Home

Move to document start

Ctrl + End

Move to document end

Ctrl + PageUp

Move to visible top of document

Ctrl + PageDown

Move to visible bottom of document

Ctrl + ]

Move to matching bracket

Ctrl + Down

Scroll down

Ctrl + Up

Scroll up

Shift + PageUp

Select all above

Shift + PageDown

Select all below

Ctrl + Shift + PageUp

Select visible area above

Ctrl + Shift + PageDown

Select visible area below

Ctrl + Shift + W

Select word

Ctrl + Shift + ]

Select up to matching bracket

Shift + Alt + Arrow Keys

Expand/contract selection region