Educational Resources

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Educational Resources

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Education Resources

The following pages contain valuable resources for developing your custom NinjaScript objects within NinjaTrader. Continuing education and resources can be found on the NinjaTrader Support Forum.


AddOn Development Overview

Considerations For Compiled Assemblies

Developing for Tick Replay

Historical Order Backfill Logic

Multi-Threading Consideration for NinjaScript

Multi-Time Frame & Instruments

Understanding the lifecycle of your NinjaScript objects

Using 3rd Party Indicators

Using ATM Strategies

Using BitmapImage Objects with Buttons

Using Historical Bid/Ask Series

Using Images and Geometry with Custom Icons

Working with Brushes

Working with Pixel Coordinates

Working with Price Series



Reference Samples


C# Method (Functions) Reference



> Basic Programming Concepts

> Developing Indicators

> Developing Strategies