Working with Brushes

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Working with Brushes

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In order to achieve custom rendering for various chart related objects, a Brush is used to "paint" an area or another chart object.  There are a number of different brushes which are available through the .NET Framework, where the most common type of brush is a SolidColorBrush which is used to paint an area with a single solid color.


Notes:  The following document is written in sequential fashion, starting with the most simple concepts, to the more advance topics.  The majority of the brushes discussed in this document will be referred to as "WPF" brushes which exist in the System.Windows.Media namespace, however there are also "SharpDX" brushes which exist in the 3rd party SharpDX.Direct2D1 namespace used for advanced chart rendering.  Advanced brush types should ONLY be used by experienced programmers familiar with .NET graphics functionality.


tog_minus        Understanding predefined brushes

tog_minus        Understanding custom brushes

tog_minus        Using brushes defined on the user interface

tog_minus        Using advanced brush types (SharpDX)