Getting Help & Support

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Getting Help & Support

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NinjaTrader Support Policy

It is critical that you can rely on the support and service you receive from your trading platform provider. It is for this reason that NinjaTrader prides itself on its top quality support model that ensures you receive lightning fast and accurate turn around to your support inquiries. We have found that delivering support electronically allows us to provide high levels of service in a cost efficient manner. Electronic support inquiries can be processed thirty times faster than traditional telephone support models which ensures that you get the necessary information when you need it. No more leaving messages in phantom voice mail boxes and no more waiting for thirty minutes in a telephone queue! Does this mean we do not have telephone support? Absolutely not! If we can't resolve your support inquiry electronically, we will be on the telephone with you right away and if required, login remotely to your PC to expedite a resolution!


So how do I get support?

This help guide is interlaced with over one hour of instructional video and images

Pressing F1 key anywhere in the NinjaTrader application will load context sensitive help

Daily live interactive online training sessions (schedule)

View online tips and tutorials on our YouTube page.

Some of our connectivity providers are staffed with NinjaTrader support specialists. Please check with your provider to find out if they have live support for NinjaTrader.

NinjaTrader Support Forum available 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Send "Mail To Support" from the Help menu of the NinjaTrader application

Send an email to the NinjaTrader support team


Support Priority
It is preferred that you send us a support email from the "Mail To Support" sub menu under the Help menu of the NinjaTrader application since it provides us with additional trouble shooting information, however, when sending an email to support, please provide the following information:

Operating system

Current NinjaTrader version (Can be accessed by selecting the Help menu from the Control Center followed by the About menu item)

Who you are connected to for data

Explanation of your problem