Getting Started

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Getting Started

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Getting Started with NinjaTrader

This help guide contains a wide range of information on configuring and using all aspects of the NinjaTrader platform, but there a few key pages that can help you to get up and running quickly with the most important concepts for new users: Getting connected to market data, creating charts, saving a Workspace, and understanding the NinjaTrader Control Center.


Getting Connected

Understanding the basics of NinjaTrader Charts

Understanding Workspaces in NinjaTrader

Understanding the NinjaTrader Control Center


Once you have covered the basics, the following topics can help you to bridge the gap between basic and advanced understanding of NinjaTrader's features:


Using the Overlay Instrument Selector to quickly change instruments in a trading window

Creating and restoring Backup files

Utilizing Advanced Trade Management (ATM) Strategies

Analyzing Trade Performance

Understanding the advanced features of NinjaTrader windows and tabs

Contacting the NinjaTrader Support team for platform-related help

Accessing the Support Forum to consult with experts and fellow traders


Getting Started with NinjaScript

This help guide contains educational and reference resources for NinjaScript developers of any experience level. The topics listed below can help you to quickly familiarize yourself with the resources available.


The Distribution section provides resources for third party vendors distributing their code to end users

The Editor section provides information on using the built-in NinjaScript Editor

The Educational Resources section includes helpful information on a range of topics related to NinjaScript development.

The Language Reference includes descriptions and reference information for NinjaScript properties, methods, and classes

oIf you know what you are looking for, the Alphabetical Reference can be used to quickly navigate to a specific Language Reference page

The Strategy Analyzer is a fully featured module for backtesting and optimizing automated strategies on multiple fitness metrics


If you have questions or require assistance outside of the scope of this help guide, there are several resources available to get help from NinjaScript experts or other developers.


The NinjaScript Development Support Forums feature discussion on general programming, as well as more specific areas related to different types of NinjaScript objects

The NinjaScript File Sharing Forums provide an outlet to share NinjaScript objects you create, or to find publicly shared objects created by other developers


If you are looking to develop a specific type of NinjaScript object, the links below will lead you to Language Reference documentation for that Type.


Add On

Bars Type

Chart Style

Drawing Tool

Import Type


Market Analyzer Column

Optimization Fitness


Performance Metrics

Share Service


SuperDOM Column