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Indicator Overview

Calculating the highest high or lowest low for a specified time range

Changing fonts for draw objects

Coloring a region

Creating a user-defined parameter type (enum)

Creating your own Level II data book (Accessing market depth)

Draw Objects

Ensuring indicator plots are valid before programmatically accessing them

Exposing indicator values that are not plots

Getting indicator values from a specified time

Manipulating DateTime objects

Manipulating string objects

Multi-Colored Plots

Removing and Custom Formatting an Indicator’s Chart Label

Using a secondary series as an input series for an indicator

Using a Series or DataSeries object to store calculations

Using a TypeConverter to Customize Property Grid Behavior

Using custom events to output the current Level II data book

Using StreamReader to read from a text file

Using StreamWriter to write to a text file

Using System.IO File properties to write to and read from a text file

Using Try-Catch Blocks

Creating Chart WPF (UI) Modifications from an Indicator