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Indicates a specified date is within the bounds of the current session, according to the configured Trading Hours template.


Note:  Additionally this method will internally trigger a GetNextSession() call to calculate the next available session relative to the "timeLocal" value used in the method's input.


Property Value

A bool value when true indicates the specified time is within the current trading session; otherwise false.




The DateTime value used to calculate the next trading day.


A bool determining if a timestamp of <n>:00 should fall into the current session. (e.g., used for time based intraday series such as minute or second).


A bool determining if IsInSession() considers the time of day (when true) or only the date (when false)




<SessionIterator>.IsInSession(DateTime timeLocal, bool includesEndTimeStamp, bool isIntraDay)





private SessionIterator sessionIterator;
protected override void OnStateChange()
  if (State == State.Historical)
      //stores the sessions once bars are ready, but before OnBarUpdate is called
      sessionIterator = new SessionIterator(Bars);
protected override void OnBarUpdate()
  // Only place an order if the time three hours from now will still be within the current session
  if (sessionIterator.IsInSession(DateTime.Now.AddHours(3), true, true) /* && additional conditions here */)
      EnterLongStopMarket(CurrentDayOHL().High[0] + TickSize);