IWorkspacePersistence Interface

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IWorkspacePersistence Interface

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When creating your NTWindow, be sure to implement the IWorkspacePersistence interface as well for the ability to save and restore your window with NinjaTrader workspaces.


Note:  AddOn Classes which derive from NTWindow or implements IWorkspacePersistance CANNOT be a nested type of another class and MUST have a default constructor



This interface contains two methods and one property which must be hidden by the implementing class:



Restores the window from workspaces.


Saves the window to workspaces.


Sets required workspace options.




public class MyWindow : NTWindow, IWorkspacePersistence


  // default constructor

  public MyWindow()


        // Define our NTWindow. If we want to use NT style tabs, we would define that here.


        // WorkspaceOptions property must be set

         Loaded += (o, e) =>


              if (WorkspaceOptions == null)

                   WorkspaceOptions = new WorkspaceOptions("MyWindow-" + Guid.NewGuid().ToString("N"), this);




    // IWorkspacePersistence member. Required for restoring window from workspaces

    public void Restore(XDocument document, XElement)


        if (MainTabControl != null)




    // IWorkspacePersistence member. Required for saving window to workspaces

    public void Save(XDocument document, XElement element)


        if (MainTabControl != null)




    // IWorkspacePersistence member

    public WorkspaceOptions WorkspaceOptions { get; set; }