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The NTWindow class defines parent windows for custom window creation. Instances of NTWindow act as containers for instances of NTTabPage, in which UI elements and their related logic are contained.



The IWorkspacePersistance interface should be implemented if you want your window to be saved and restored with NinjaTrader workspaces.

AddOn Classes which derive from NTWindow or implements IWorkspacePersistance CANNOT be a nested type of another class and MUST have a default constructor




The example below shows how to instantiate an NTWindow while:

Implementing IWorkspacePersistence to ensure the window is saved/restored in workspaces

Setting the window caption and dimensions

Instantiating a TabControl to support tabs within the window

Setting workspace options


Tip:  For a complete, working example of this class in use, download framework example located on our AddOn Development Overview




public class AddOnFrameworkWindow : NTWindow, IWorkspacePersistence
  // default constructor
  public AddOnFrameworkWindow()
      // set Caption property (not Title), since Title is managed internally to properly combine selected Tab Header and Caption for display in the Windows taskbar
      // This is the name displayed in the top-left of the window
      Caption = "AddOn Framework";
      // Set the default dimensions of the window
      Width   = 1085;
      Height = 900;
      // TabControl should be created for window content if tab features are wanted
      TabControl tc = new TabControl();
      // Attached properties defined in the TabControlManager class should be set to achieve adding, removing, and moving tabs
      TabControlManager.SetIsMovable(tc, true);
      TabControlManager.SetCanAddTabs(tc, true);
      TabControlManager.SetCanRemoveTabs(tc, true);
      // if ability to add new tabs is desired, TabControl has to have attached property "Factory" set.
      TabControlManager.SetFactory(tc, new AddOnFrameworkWindowFactory());
      Content = tc;
      /* In order to have link buttons functionality, tab control items must be derived from Tools.NTTabPage
       They can be added using extension method AddNTTabPage(NTTabPage page) */
      tc.AddNTTabPage(new AddOnFrameworkTab());
      // WorkspaceOptions property must be set
      Loaded += (o, e) =>
          if (WorkspaceOptions == null)
              WorkspaceOptions = new WorkspaceOptions("AddOnFramework-" + Guid.NewGuid().ToString("N"), this);
  // IWorkspacePersistence member. Required for restoring window from workspace
  public void Restore(XDocument document, XElement element)
      if (MainTabControl != null)
  // IWorkspacePersistence member. Required for saving window to workspace
  public void Save(XDocument document, XElement element)
      if (MainTabControl != null)
  // IWorkspacePersistence member
  public WorkspaceOptions WorkspaceOptions { get; set; }