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Log Tab

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The Log tab displays historical application and trading events for the current day in a data grid.

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Log Display

Log events are categorized and color coded based on four distinct alert levels; Information, Warning, Error and Alert.




Each log event is displayed by date, category and message. In some cases, the length of the message may be larger than the width of the "Message" column. In this situation, you can hover your mouse above the message in order to have it display in a pop-up type window.


Right Click Menu

Right mouse clicking within the log display section opens the following menu:




Always On Top

Sets if the window will be always on top of other windows

Show Tabs

Sets if the window should allow for tabs


Exports the grid contents to "CSV" or "Excel" file format


Search for a term in the grid


Select to print either the window or the log grid area.


Select to share via your share connections.


Configure the positions grid properties

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Log Tab Properties



Grid font

Sets the font for the log grid

Tab name

Sets the tab name



Sets the color used for background for Alert log messages


Sets the color used for background for Error log messages


Sets the color used for background for Information log messages


Sets the color used for background for Warning log messages


Sets that window management features are enabled or disabled


How to preset property defaults

Once you have your properties set to your preference, you can left mouse click on the "preset" text located in the bottom right of the properties dialog. Selecting the option "save" will save these settings as the default settings used every time you open a new window/tab.


If you change your settings and later wish to go back to the original factory settings, you can left mouse click on the preset text and select the option to restore to return to the original factory settings - please note though that you cannot save a custom default to restore to.



A number of pre-defined variables can be used in the "Tab Name" field. For more information, see the "Tab Name Variables" section of the Using Tabs page.
Columns cannot be resorted or removed.