Server Side vs Local ATMs

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Server Side vs Local ATMs

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Server side ATMs are the newly implemented feature, exclusive to the NinjaTrader connection. They simplify the local ATMs, while still including many of the primary features. Server side ATMs are currently in beta and will continue to be developed on to add additional functionality. However, there are some differences between server side ATMs and local ATMs that you must be aware of to ensure your orders function as expected.

Server side ATMs can be enabled/disabled under Tools> Options> Strategies> ATM Strategies





It is recommended to exit all ATM orders before switching between server side and local ATMs.


If Multi-provider mode is enabled, server side ATMs will be disabled


tog_minus        Scaling in/out of an ATM position

tog_minus        Selecting Rev On an ATM Position

tog_minus        Manually canceling a stop/target

tog_minus        Visibility and modification of stop losses/profits of ATM entry orders

tog_minus        Parameter Type functionality

tog_minus        Miscellaneous differences