Simulated Data Feed Connection

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Simulated Data Feed Connection

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Simulated Data Feed Connection

The Simulated Data Feed connection is a default connection installed with NinjaTrader. Its purpose is to play internally generated market data for simulation.


This connection can be used for:


Offline simulated training and practice of NinjaTrader

Offline testing of strategies

Offline testing of trade automation using NinjaScript strategies or the NinjaTrader Automated Trading Interface



1.This connection is a random internally generated market and has NO correlation to real market data

2.This connection does not provide historical data


Tip: The Simulated Data Feed will continuously run and generate data once connected and drive all NinjaTrader windows, however please keep in mind the Trading Hours definitions used will still govern for which time periods your window (i.e. Chart, Market Analyzer, SuperDOM Indicators and Columns) can receive the data to display.


Sim Feed Start Price

The Simulated Data Feed will automatically use the last price from the last connection as the starting price for the instrument.




Defining the Sim Feed Start Price

To manually set an instrument starting price for use with the Simulated Data Feed:


1.Left mouse click on the Tools menu in the Control Center and select the Instrument menu item

2.Search for the desired instrument and select it

3.Press the edit button and set a Sim feed start price value


Once you are connected to the Simulated Data Feed connection, the instrument will begin simulated trading at the Sim feed start price value.


Trend Slider

The Trend slider control will appear once connected to the Simulated Data Feed. Left mouse click on the slider and drag it up or down to cause the Simulated Data Feed to move in that direction.