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Strategy Overview

Backtesting NinjaScript Strategies with an intrabar granularity

Entering on one time frame and exiting on another

Getting PnL from an ATM strategy

Halting a Strategy Once User Defined Conditions Are Met

Keeping orders alive

Modifying the price of stop loss and profit target orders

Monitoring for and trading a breakout

Monitoring Stop-Loss and Profit Target Orders

Plotting from within a NinjaScript Strategy

Removing draw objects from the chart

Resetting values at the beginning of new trading sessions

Rounding values to the nearest tick size

Scaling out of a position

Separating logic to either calculate once on bar close or on every tick

Stopping a strategy after consecutive losers

Trading crossovers

Using a time filter to limit trading hours

Using CancelOrder() method to cancel orders

Using multiple entry/exit signals simultaneously

Using OnOrderUpdate() and OnExecution() methods to submit protective orders

Using IsRising and IsFalling conditions in the Strategy Builder

Using trade performance statistics for money management