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The TabControl class provides functionality for working with NTTabPage objects within an NTWindow. TabControl should be instantiated within the constructor for an NTWindow instance, in order to configure the window to be able to host and work with tabs.


Note:  For a complete, working example of this class in use, download framework example located on our Developing AddOns Overview




In the example below, we define an instance of NTWindow, then use TabControl to accomplish various setup tasks:

Provide the NTWindow with the ability to add, remove, and move tabs

Attach a Factory to the TabControl to handle logic for creating new tabs

Set up the TabControl with the ability to utilize window linking



public class MyWindow : NTWindow, IWorkspacePersistence
  public MyWindow()
      // TabControl should be created for window content if tab features are wanted
      TabControl tc = new TabControl();
      // Attached properties defined in the TabControlManager class should be set to add, remove, or move tabs
      TabControlManager.SetIsMovable(tc, true);
      TabControlManager.SetCanAddTabs(tc, true);
      TabControlManager.SetCanRemoveTabs(tc, true);
      // if the ability to add new tabs is desired, TabControl must have attached property "Factory" set.
      TabControlManager.SetFactory(tc, new MyWindowFactory());
      Content = tc;
      /* In order to have link buttons functionality, tab control items must be derived from Tools.NTTabPage
       They can be added using extention method AddNTTabPage(NTTabPage page) */
      tc.AddNTTabPage(new MyTab());


/* Class which implements Tools.INTTabFactory must be created and set as an attached property for TabControl
in order to use tab page add/remove/move/duplicate functionality */
public class MyWindowFactory : INTTabFactory
  // INTTabFactory member. Required to create parent window
  public NTWindow CreateParentWindow()
      return new MyWindow();
  // INTTabFactory member. Required to create tabs
  public NTTabPage CreateTabPage(string typeName, bool isTrue)
      return new MyTab();