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Two independent strategies on the same futures contract

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    Two independent strategies on the same futures contract


    I want to run two different custom strategies (not ATM) on the same futures contract. I setup two different charts, each chart has it's own custom strategy.

    If first strategy goes long and second strategy goes short on the same contract, would it violate broker's policy or NT platform would take care of it for me?

    I have read that NT allows to have simultaneous long/short positions for multiple ATMs, but not sure if it works the same way for custom strategies.

    Thank you

    Hello yDiamond,

    When trading the same instrument on the same account, the performance of each trade on the Account Performance tab of the Control Center would match in the order the orders are received.

    Using two NinjaScript Strategies that are placing orders in opposite directions would also be affected by this. The Strategy Position is separate from the Account Position. This means that if one strategy has taken a long position and is showing long 1, and the other has taken a short position and is showing short 1, the account position would be flat and neither strategy would be in sync with the account.

    Further, NinjaTrader does not support hedging.

    All links below are publicly available.

    Below is a public link to a video that demonstrates this for NinjaTrader 7.
    And a link to a video that demonstrates this for NinjaTrader 8.

    As well as a links to the help guide.

    Showing an atm strategy with a long position on one DOM or Chart and a short position on another DOM or Chart on the same instrument and account by setting 'ATM Strategy Selection Mode' to 'Display Selected ATM Strategy Only' does not result in two separate account positions on the same instrument. In this situation the account is flat.

    However, this does allow to see the working orders, position, and performance for each active Atm instance separately.

    Below is a public link to a video on this for NinjaTrader 7.
    And a public link to a video on this for NinjaTrader 8.

    As well as links to the help guide.

    If one order takes the account position long as an entry and places a stop and target with an Atm, then on a second chart a sell order is placed as an entry with an atm and this fills, the account will be flat but the Atm Stratagies will work separately (with 'Display Selected ATM Strategy Only' selected). It will appear that the positions are separate as only the selected Atm is visible on that Chart or DOM, however, the account position is flat. Then the target of the first order may fill and this will take the account into a short position with the atm of the second entry remaining. Once the Atm of the second position fills the account is back to flat again.

    In the account performance the trades are matched with the entry to the entry and the exit to the exit (as this is the sequence that NinjaTrader sees as the actual trades were filled in with First In First Out).

    Instead, we visually show you the performance of this one open trade without showing the performance of other trades running different instances of Atm Strategies. Showing this is the equivalent of multiple positions (without accounting for leverage or loss).. Being long 1 and short 1 is the same as being flat. This works the same as when you call your broker on the phone. You can imagine virtual positions taken from different events and try and put the profit and loss between arbitrary orders together if you would like. But with your broker it's First In First out. Meaning any reporting in NinjaTrader is based on when we have indications of when an order was submitted, became working, and was filled.

    We have very sophisticated ways of connecting orders based on signal name to assist with creating the performance reports, but its still based on what is marked as an entry and what is marked as an exit and at what time and what what price..

    In NinjaScript we also try and match these orders based on signal name and from entry signal.

    Below are links to the help guide on the Trade Performance window for account performance.

    And viewing the Strategy Performance window for the individual instance of the strategy's performance.

    To truly have an open long account position and an open short account position on the same instrument (instead of a net flat account position), this would require placing trades to two different accounts. One account to hold a long position, the other account to hold a short position.

    In NinjaTrader it is possible to create addition Sim accounts to use for practice trading this scenario, however, with NinjaTrader 7 these would require a live license key to utilize as it does require Global Simulation Mode to be disabled so that the Account drop-down is not grayed (disabled) on all trade windows.

    With NinjaTrader 8 this would not require a live license key to utilize and can be done with the Free Simulation License. NinjaTrader 8 allows for additional Sim accounts to be selected even when Global Simulation Mode is enabled.

    To add additional Sim accounts in NinjaTrader 7:
    • Disconnect from all connections
    • Ensure a Live license key is entered in Help -> License Key...
    • Click Tools -> Options... -> Simulator -> Accounts...
    • Type a new name for the new account (for example Sim102)
    • Click OK
    • Reconnect to your connection -> disable Global Simulation Mode
    • Select the new account in the Account drop-down of Chart Trader, SuperDOM, or other trade window

    To add addition Sim accounts in NinjaTrader 8:
    • On the Control Center select the Accounts tab
    • Right-click the grid in the Accounts tab -> select Add Simulation Account
    • Type a name for the new account in the Name field if desired
    • Click OK

    But with all of that said, most hedging (going long and short at the same time) is based on risk and margin. Sometimes with a broker its more expensive to take short positions than long positions and you can incur larger losses.

    But many are wanting to just keep track of what would have happened if you had taken the opposite trade at the same time. And in that case, its absolutely helpful to have multiple accounts (sim, live demo, or actual funded brokerage account).
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      Originally posted by yDiamond View Post

      If first strategy goes long and second strategy goes short on the same contract, would it violate broker's policy or NT platform would take care of it for me?
      Your short sale would not be against the box. Futures is more forgiving than stocks. Your broker would consider you flat if same number of contacts,etc.


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