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Working with Automated Strategies

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Automated NinjaScript strategies can be started within an open chart. Both real-time and historical strategy trades will be shown.


tog_minusRunning a NinjaScript Strategy from a chart

Please see this section of the help guide for more information on running a NinjaScript strategy from a chart.

tog_minusWorking with automated strategies in a chart

Strategy Persistence

Automated strategies are always persisted on a chart whenever it is open, even if Enabled is set to false inside the chart Strategies window. For example, if you shut down NinjaTrader with an enabled strategy in a chart then reopen NinjaTrader, the strategy will still be applied to the chart with the property Enabled being set to false. This allows you to enable the strategy without having to reconfigure the parameters. When the chart containing the automated strategy is closed though, the strategy will not be persisted (stopped and removed).


Reloading NinjaScript

An automated strategy can be reloaded by right mouse clicking in the chart and selecting the menu item Reload NinjaScript. Reloading of an automated strategy will remove the old instance of the strategy and add a new one in the chart.

tog_minusViewing automated strategies in a chart


Automated strategy trade executions will be displayed in the chart. The chart below shows several executions from orders placed by an automated strategy. (Only executions pertaining to the strategy on the chart will be visible. Any manual executions or executions from strategies not applied to the chart will NOT be shown.) Execution markers are configured for each Data Series by selecting the parameter named Plot executions from the Data Series window.



tog_minusViewing strategy performance

Strategy Performance

Real-time, Historical, or Historical & Real-time executions for the automated strategy can be accessed within the open chart by right mouse clicking in the chart and selecting the menu item Strategy Performance. Then hover the mouse over the desired automated strategy and select the type of executions you wish to view from the menu that appears. A Performance window will appear where you can view and analyze the trade data.