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A collection of historical outline brushes for candlesticks.


Property Value

A brush series type object. Accessing this property via an index value [int barsAgo] returns a brush structure representing the referenced bar's outline color.


Note: This will only return the color of a candlestick outline in which an explicit color overwrite was used. Otherwise it will return null.




CandleOutlineBrushes[int barsAgo]


Warning:  You may have up to 65,535 unique CandleOutlineBrushes instances, therefore, using static predefined brushes should be favored.  Alternatively,  in order to use fewer brushes, please try to cache your custom brushes until a new brush would actually need to be created.





// Sets the outline color of the current bar to black.
CandleOutlineBrushes[0] = Brushes.Black;
// Sets the outline color of the previous bar to blue.
CandleOutlineBrushes[1] = Brushes.Blue;