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Indicates if the current bar processing is the first bar updated in a trading session.


Note:  This property always returns true on the very first bar processed (i.e., CurrentBar == 0).  The represented time of the bar will NOT necessarily be equal to the trading hours start time (e.g., if you request 50 1-minute bars at 11:50:00 AM, the first bar processed of the session would be 11:00:00 AM).  Loading a data series based on "dates" (Days or custom range) ensures that the first bar processed matches hours defined by the session template.



Property Value

This property returns true if the bar is the first processed in a session; otherwise, false.  This property is read-only.


Warning:   This property will always return false on non-intraday bar periods (e.g., Day, Month, etc).  For checking for new non-intraday bar updates, please see IsFirstTickOfBar





Tip:  For checking at a specified bar index, please see IsFirstBarOfSessionByIndex()





protected override void OnBarUpdate()
  // Print the current bar number of the first bar processed for each session on a chart
  if (Bars.IsFirstBarOfSession)
    Print(string.Format("Bar number {0} was the first bar processed of the session at {1}.", CurrentBar, Time[0]));